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Build of the 100 kW TAP started

Last week,  with the delivery of the pressure vessels and feedback loops at the assembling hall, the construction of the  100 kW TAP (Thermo Acoustic power) unit  is started.


The housing is build in two sections and will be filled with helium at 600 kPa. Because of the large volume the design, construction and testing of the pressure vessels takes a lot of effort and is done according to the PED 97/23/EC category IV requirements.

During the last months most parts and components like heat exchangers, regenerator, valves, pumps etc. are prepared, manufactured or ordered and are ready for assembling now.


After the build is completed the TAP will be tested functionally at low mean pressure  and low power first before transporting the system to the paper factory plant in the north of the Netherlands. There the TAP will be coupled to the flue gas heat exchanger which will be installed during the next production stop.

According to the plan we expect to have  TAP in full operation for testing by the end of May.

To be continued!