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First roof top installation of a thermoacoustic chiller

Last Monday, the Sound Energy team, jointly with the installer and contractor Rouweler Installatietechniek Zelhem, installed their thermoacoustic cooler (THEAC) on the roof of the new school building IKC Magenta in Delden (Netherlands).This THEAC is a heat-powered heat pump intended to provide solar-assisted cooling to the building climate system. For that purpose, the THEAC cold output is connected via a fluid circuit to the cold buffer in the technical room.

THEAC installation4


The THEAC installed on this building is a version with increased safety for use on schools and public buildings. In this special version of the THEAC, solar energy (from the PV panels) is transferred via electricity to the internal heat exchangers of the THEAC, avoiding the use of hot liquids such as thermal oil or hot water / steam.

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