TAP transported to the pilot location

On July 11, the thermoacoustic power (TAP) unit was transported from the assembly hall of Huisman in Elst to the final pilot location at Smurfit-Kappa Solid Boards in Nieuweschans. During this transport the TAP was split in two halves to be able to pass the door and to manoeuvre the whole in position.

Heat has to be supplied to the TAP. Therefore a dedicated +100 kW flue gas heat exchanger was installed at the turbine-steam boiler exhaust at the roof of the building and completed with a hot water circuit from flue gas hex to the intermediate hex near the TAP. For heat removal a cooling water circuitĀ  was prepared and installed.

During next weeks these high and low temperature circuits will be connected to the heat exchangers of the TAP. For testing and validating the TAP is also provided with pressure and temperature sensors for measuring thermal and acoustic power levels and a real time data-acquisition and monitoring system.

TAP Installation-SKSB

This picture shows the final set-up at the pilot location. In the back the connections to the high an low temperature and the intermediate heat exchanger are visible.

The four balanced alternator sets for converting acoustic power into electricity are still under construction and will be installed inside the pressure vessels afterwards when thermoacoustic characterization is done.

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